Interview: ForoFintech

We introduce a new heading with our investors' interviews. We want to discuss different investing strategies, Monethera workflow, and thoughts about this market. We'll speak with private investors, professional players, and even funds.

The first one is ForoFintech — the largest crowdinvesting forum in Spain.

— Let’s introduce yourself to our readers. Tell us a couple of words about your company.

— We are ForoFintech. The largest crowdlending forum in Spain with over 4.000 registered users. We are based in Madrid, Spain.

— Great to see you among Monethera investors. Tell us about your investing experience, please. What tools and strategy do you use?

— We have been investing in crowdlending for more than 5 years and we have invested in more than 20 different platforms. We track our investments with Excel.

— Why have you decided to try crowdinvesting?

— Diversification in many platforms in case one platform folds is one of the most important things for us. We invest in consumer loans, real estate loans and business loans in order to have a diversified portfolio. We try to combine short-term consumer loans with business and real estate loans with longer terms but secured with extra guarantees.

— Probably you compared different crowdinvesting platforms, didn't you? Why did you choose Monethera?

— You have a good team of professionals and brings very detailed projects with very nice returns. We understand Monethera compensation’s scheme is fair offering 35% when default occurs and 65% when money is collected from borrower.

— How did you learn about us?

— We are always informed of new platforms.

— Were there any concerns about it? How did you handle it?

— Monethera had one small issue with first three projects as loans where published with a future opening. Investors made investments before opening date and didn’t receive interest until the date the project was officially opened. This is now fixed as all projects are opened the same day they are published so investors receive interests since the same day they invest.

— Great to hear that everything is OK now. Which projects have you already invested at Monethera?

— Sava Couture, Sturgeon farm, River Paradize, Transportation of lumber, Adhesive manufacturer, Pellet fuel reselling, Transports for VIP persons, Perfume Oils, Kuldiga office building renovation and Special Equipment Repairing Hangar.

— Wow, you’ve invested almost in every project we introduced. Tell us about your results at the moment, please.

— We started investing in Monethera in June 2019. All interests have been paid monthly on day and one project (Transportation of lumber) has been successfully paid back. So far so good.

— Is there anything that we should change or add?

— You are doing very well. For example, we suggested them to change payment schedule as interests where paid at the end of the loan term and now all interests are paid monthly.

— Thank you so much for your answers!

— Welcome.

By the way, you can find Monethera forum at ForoFintech. And also, you can write to us at [email protected], if you want to become one of the interviewers.