Temporary Changes in Buyback policy

Important announcement

Dear investors,

In relation to the well-known events on the market, our company is temporarily forced to limit the option of the repurchase of your investments from our reserve fund. This is since our company has obligations to our partners, both borrowers and investors. We care about our reputation and have always complied with all our commitments.

The restrictions shall come into force on 21st January 2020, valid for 30 calendar days or until market situation will become more clear and stable

Besides, we want to draw your attention to the fact that the above-mentioned restrictions do not apply to the unused funds. All planned payments at interest rates will be carried out according to the previously announced schedules. Thus, we want to assure you of the timeliness of the decision to limit payments. This procedure is connected only with the desire to stabilise the situation and prevent possible speculative market problems.

When developing the company's strategy, our experts considered all possible cases of market behaviour. At the moment, we are faced with one of the risks listed in the Disclaimer, the market risk. We were ready for such a course of events, so we have a clear idea of ​​the steps that must be taken to normalise the situation as soon as possible. We do not doubt that the actions we have made will have a positive result. Meanwhile, Monethera continues to operate normally, except for temporarily disabling the buyback function.

We also want to remind you that Monethera is continually improving the level of service provided, integrating the function of automatic investment; we are considering new opportunities for investment injections in various projects and companies that offer short-term loans. At the moment, the possibility of opening a separate branch of Monethera is being considered.

Soon all necessary procedures and requirements for passing the procedure of Due Diligence will be published. You will be able to familiarise yourself with the list of required formalities that borrowers will have to go through before a favourable decision regarding their case is made.

On behalf of Monethera, we want to thank you for your attention and understanding.