Projects at Monethera

Walkthrough the details

In recent days, due to the situation in the P2P market, we have received many questions, many of them related to projects posted on our site.

We understand our investors' concerns and want to clarify the situation as much as possible.

There is no need to send dozens of emails to companies-borrowers because it disrupts their workflow and causes tense relations with our platform. Such requests are inappropriate in terms of business ethics, harm our reputation as a reliable business partner, and prevent us from carrying out current activities both for our partners and ourselves.

That's why we are currently working on the publication of extended project information. We are going to provide operating balances, profit and loss calculations, cash flow data and business plans, etc.

This step should make our relationships even more transparent. But it will take some time because we need to reconcile many edits to the NDA to share additional data and documents.

However, most companies are private and are not ready to publicly disclose all the details of specific transactions, company financial liquidity or personal contacts of the core team. All the details that can be exposed publicly are necessarily published in the project description.

Also, we regard as incorrect any comparison with unfair companies in the P2P market. There was not a single suspicious situation in which we behaved unworthily.

We want to note that we always try to respond honestly and efficiently to all questions.