In this article, we want to acquaint you with the principle of operation of our new mechanism.

We thought through everything to the smallest detail and tried to make the interface as simple and straightforward as possible. In order to enable the function of automatic investment in projects on our platform, you only need to activate this option, which is clearly demonstrated below.

Choose Areas of Focus


After you activate this option, you must go through the setup process. First of all, you need to choose one sphere, several or all that is interesting to you for investing available funds. We want to draw your attention to the fact that by investing in several projects in different areas at once, you can get enormous benefits. Our platform presents projects in real estate, logistics, industrial sector, the development of existing business, the energy sector, as well as renewable energy projects, and much more.

Percentage of Your Balance

After you select the one or several areas of investments that you are interested in, you need to determine what percentage of the current cash balance you are willing to spend on this operation.


There is an additional extended option with which you can adjust the percentage of investment depending on the interest rate of each project. For example, if the interest rate is above 18 percent per annum, then you are ready to invest 10 percent of your current balance, but if it is below this figure, then the percentage of the current amount will also be different.

Choose Time-Frame


The next step for setting up your automatic investment account is to select projects by duration. Here you can choose the minimum and maximum period of project’s implementation that you are ready to invest in and support with your own funds.

The investment market depends on many factors, both external market conditions and internal factors that can change the situation. On the Monethera platform, only proven projects are presented that provided all the necessary documentation and went through the Due Diligence procedure. Nevertheless, our team of risk managers and financial experts keep abreast of objectively assessing the chances of projects to succeed. Investing in riskier projects can always bring much higher benefits than in those where the degree of risk is much lower.

Risk Management


The right of choice rests with each investor. On behalf of the Monethera platform, we can only emphasize that we have presented only the most reliable and promising projects, and among these projects, we choose those that we consider more or less risky. You can select the option of investing in all projects, without exception, regardless of the degree of their riskiness. The other option is to invest exclusively in projects with a low, medium, or high degree of risk.

After you complete the process of personalizing your autoinvestment account, you must save all the changes made to activate them.

At the end of 2019, we promised you many innovative ideas for the most comfortable use of our platform. Autoinvest is one of those functions that is designed to facilitate the investment process and help focus on other more important issues. Taking into account the reliability and transparency of all projects presented on our platform, we believe that this option will be trendy among our customers and partners.