Buy Back Guarantee from Third-party Organization

We have agreed with RICHLY PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED on the buyback guarantee in case of default of the project. The company will repurchase 95% of investments for a total amount of 3 million Euros.

What was the previous arrangement?

The security of our users' investments is one of Monethera's top priorities.

We've already discussed the verification system for projects at Monethera. So, you know about the double-check carried out by our financial analysts and a third-party organization that conducts the due diligence procedure. These steps are necessary to pick only those projects that are most likely to launch and bring money to our users.

In some cases, projects, unfortunately, may not succeed. We are ready for this. Monethera concluded a detailed agreement with each project, which obliges the company to return all the funds invested in the project on the platform.

Of course, in the vast majority of cases, the money will be returned without legal proceedings. But in case of some toxic exceptions, our team of lawyers are ready to defend Monethera's interests in court.

What has changed?

We have found an elegant solution for how not to waste time and effort on a refund. We agreed with the private Hong Kong company RICHLY PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED on the repurchase of our users' investments in case of default of a project. Agreements will only apply to new projects marked with a special sign.

The company has a staff of top lawyers specialized in conflict situations with debtor companies. It allows return obligations from borrowers with high probability. We are guaranteed to receive 95% of the funds invested by our users before the court decision.

As mentioned already, the security of our clients' investments is a top priority for us. Your investment has now acquired a new level of protection.